Museum of Nature of Berezinski Biosphere Reserve

This is one of the oldest protected areas in Europe, preserved almost in pristine condition and the only place in Europe where in one compact area in the wild inhabited by "Big European five" large mammals — elk, bison, bear, wolf and lynx. A third of the Belarusian bear population lives here. Ecological routes and trails run through all the natural complexes of the Reserve: forests, meadows, bogs, rivers and lakes. On the territory of the biosphere reserve there is a nature museum and a house of ecological education. And for the convenience and comfort of tourists hotel complexes, guest houses, restaurants, bars, banquet halls.

The main task of the staff of Berezinsky Bosphere Reserve is to preserve the unique forest massif and to deliver to future generations the unique beauty of the native nature. The Museum of Nature displays in miniature all the sights of this wonderful corner of nature of northern Belarus.